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Welcome to the WikiEdit

Well, have you heard of RPG Maker XP? If not (You probably would of) it's a computer game developing tool, where we can create our own role palying games and it's really easy to use and you don't need any knowledge of anything to develop something.

This page will be for one of my projects I have in development right now and it's called The Sword of Heroes - made with RPG Maker XP.


The story is all about a girl called Angelie and she holds a great power. Deriex (the evil dark lord) drained the power out of her and angelie lost her memory. He slaughtered her people and burned down the village just to get to her. Angelie's power is supposed to use for good, but deriex will try use it for evil. Angelie will go and recover her memory and reclaim her power back, which was hers in the first place. When angelie defeats deriex, she'll return home again (whatever is left of it) and begin a new life.


Name: The Sword of Heroes

Developer: Fan Made Games

Engine: RPG Maker XP

Genre: RPG

Release Date: Demo (Out Now) Full Game (TBA 2011)

Download: Go here to download the beta demo.

Rating: E everyone

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