This page displays other information about the other things in the game.

Save Crystals

These are lifesavers - not only do they save your game, but they can also heal your entire party - handy, if you're running low on HP and SP and you don't have any items or if there's a boss coming up.

Sign Posts

Displays the name of a location or a town - handy, if you need to know where your next destination is.

Item Pouches

You'll find these scattered around the places and they have useful items in them.


If you see this question mark anywhere, then there's an hidden item there or something to do.

Memory Alters

There are four alters in total at certain locations and they will help recover angelie's memory.

Hidden Enemies

There are some hidden enemies throughout the game and you could get tricked in believing it's just a part of the scenery, but it's not.


There's some secrets in the game that you could easily miss throughout the game. They could lead you to a hidden section of the game or a hidden item. Some secrets will have question mark (as I explained above) but not all will have one.

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