This page displays all the info about the monsters and bosses.

There are two types of enemies - monsters and bosses. The monsters appear everywhere throughout the locations and they come in 3 forms - random, hidden and visible. There are random battles in the game - as always. A hidden enemy is a monster that jumps out at u when you're wondering around a location and they can also look like a part of the scenery. A visible enemy is a monster that you can actually see wondering around a location and you can choose to ignore it.

A boss is the main point of having monsters in the game. A boss can appear at a certain location or as part of a storyline - even at the end of the game when you're facing your final battle against the last boss. Some bosses can end up being a mini-boss as part of the storyline - where you don't actually finish a boss battle - instead it goes back to the main screen.


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